NBMBAA Memphis – Visionaries Symposium Luncheon 04/28 #LeMoyne_RYS16

5th Annual Visionaries Symposium Luncheon – The Vision of Strength Based Leadership  Keynote Speaker – Roquita Coleman Williams – CN Rail

“Connecting the Pieces…The Vision of Strength Based Leadership”

Whether it be coaching Peewee league baseball, a board member for a million dollar company or a team leader responsible for getting results, a strong foundation of leadership is essential.  Success in any capacity that encompasses a team of efforts, almost certainly will be a by-product of some form of positive leadership. As the way we interact and conduct business continues to evolve in a global economy with more technology and no geographic boundaries to whom we make work with, the way leadership cultivates prosperity continues to transform.

Gone… are the days where all members of a team may have the same formal education and cultural backgrounds, so how leadership identifies the best way to attain its organizations respective goals is correlated to how it positions its internal and external stakeholders to collaborate to drive new approaches and solutions. A universal truth is that change is inevitable so our willingness to improve and learn new strategies must be constant, especially for those accountable for leadership.

We invite you…. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nbmbaa-visionaries-symposium-luncheon-tickets-24236293406


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