National Black MBA – Memphis – 2015 Kickoff Meeting: How Fit is Your Plan for 2015?

2015 Kickoff Meeting

“Reaching Your Financial Goals: How Fit is Your Plan?”

A new year is under way and the majority of us aspire to reach goals that may not have been reached in years past. What determines whether we reach those goals or not, often is predicated on how we take those first steps and what plan one may choose to implement. If you have life goals, such as a worry-free retirement, education for your children at the best schools and colleges, buying a house or a car, then building a financial plan can help you achieve these goals.

Your financial plan will work towards achieving goals such as planning for your retirement, child’s education, marriage, buying a house, debt management and insurance.

Financial planning may not expedite the financial status you seek immediately but it can be of invaluable significance by providing insight on evaluating your risk appetite, determining what is achievable and what looks difficult, mapping your current and future cash flows to your financial goals, addressing the adequacy of your insurance, and being better positioned to make recommendations for your portfolio.

If you have concerns or just simply welcome gaining a few nuggets of knowledge on how to make your financial plan fit for your goals, we cordially invite members and guests to attend!


DATE:  January 22nd, THURSDAY
TIME:  6:00pm to 7:15pm, discussion begins at 6:15pm
PLACE:  International Paper HQ, Tower 3, 6400 Poplar Ave, 38197 (parking in garage is available)
Guest Speaker: Roland Cole, Financial Advisor, Duncan Williams

As a Financial Advisor with the Private Client Group, Roland is committed to providing unremitting client service with a unique approach to comprehensive financial planning,relationship management, and dedication to accountability. Since joining Duncan-Williams, Roland has specialized in tailoring uniquely modeled wealth accumulation and preservation techniques that are solely aligned with the client’s objectives and goals. His philosophy emphasizes a low-cost methodology, allowing clients to exploit market inefficiencies, maximize returns, and minimize avoidable costs.

What’s Next……..
“The Future State of Management”
02/05/2015  @ 6:00pm
International Paper HQ
Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Nat Irvin

Nat Irvin, II is the Strickler executive in residence and professor of management at the College of Business.  His groundbreaking demographic research has created new paradigms for the future of African Americans in business and has made traditional stereotypes of black consumers obsolete.

Among the profiles of emerging archetypes he has identified are “thrivals,” a new breed of forward-thinking, globally tuned African Americans who bring a “no-limits” approach to doing business. Advertisers and other media use Irvin’s findings to identify new demographic groups and target them with customized messages and opportunities.

More details will be announced….


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