Testimonials of Lucy’s Services!


On 09/30 T. Harris wrote:
“I want to personally thank you for being selfless and always the voice of the community. I don’t think you realize how important you are to so many.Your post last two weeks ago landed me a job with a company, being selected in a group of 30 out of 2,000.Again, I appreciate you. I will never forget you for it.”
On 12/28 K. Barrett wrote:
“Tecia, I’ve been quietly seeking a job for a year. I saw your classifieds post but never really had the opportunity to look into anything you posted. I felt like I had hit my lowest because I couldn’t seem to find anything. The only thing I could think about were my 2 daughters I have to take care of and how hard it was. Well you posted one day and I clicked on the link and applied. It had been so long ago that I forgot. But I want to let u know that application led to me obtaining not just 1 but 2 jobs! I just want to encourage you to keep posting all that you can! Everybody won’t say thank you, but I am saying it now THANK YOU!!! It was a blessing for me! 🙂 hope u have a fabulously, awesome day!”
On 02/04 M. Johnson wrote:
“You are such a blessing to me. Not one time have you turned your back on me.  I’m serious.  I’m believing more and more when Bishop said connect with the right people and watch what will happen in your life. I’m a witness to that.”

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