June 15, 2020
Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) is available to parents of kids in a school system who qualify for free/reduced lunch; and apart of a school system that has been shut down 5 days consecutively because of COVID-19. That’s anyone who has children in SCS, Aspire, etc. Shelby County Schools is free and reduced for all kids. Financial assistance to replace school meals during the months of March, April and May due to COVID-19 school closures. 

Imagine school enrollment infusing UBER principles. Convenience & Consistency!

On this Saturday April 29, 2017, (9 AM) you are cordially invited to STAR Day at STAR Academy Charter School. With limited spaces available, a convenient process has been created, for you to enroll your child within 15 minutes. Attendees will also be entered automatically to win a NEW iPad Mini 4. 

With a growing demand to enroll in STAR Academy, it is a first come, first serve school.

Give them a call if you have any questions about STAR Day. 901.387.5050 

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Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale, coming to the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library (3030 Poplar Avenue), 10 am – 4:30 pm on Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28, 2015.
Non-profit organizations and schools that would like to get books are welcome to come AFTER the sale (at 4:30 pm) on Saturday, to pick up boxes of books for their group.  Please contact Terrice Thomas at , or 901-415-2840 if you are interested.  Thanks!
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Join Booker T. Washington High School as they host their 3rd and final community blood drive of the year!  The goal is 49 units so that the school will receive a $1000 scholarship! SIGN UP TODAY!

You must be at least 17 years old (16 with parental consent), weigh at least 115 pounds and be in generally good health.

BE READY! Follow these guidelines to make sure you can give:

Drink plenty of fluids 1 to 6 hours in advance

Eat a balanced meal 1 to 4 hours in advance

If your iron level has been too low to donate, the following iron-rich foods might help: Lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp, oysters, broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, whole grain bread, brown rice, whole grain cereal, enriched pasta, tortillas, berries, watermelon, cherries, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, plums, and dried fruit, nuts, unrefined sugar, molasses.

Here’s the appointment link to sign-up!


Half a Million Books for the Mid-South. Apply today!

The largest book distribution in Mid-South history!


Literacy Mid-South and First Book have partnered to bring more than 500,000 books to Memphis to distribute throughout the Mid-South.  These books are available to schools, churches, and nonprofits and are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Your organization MUST have a free First Book account to apply for this book grant.


Organizations are responsible for picking up their own books during the designated times between March 9-13.


Please share with all school, church, and nonprofit personnel that may be interested.  The application closes very quickly, as we will receive many applications.



Life Changers Academy!

“Quality Education with a Christ-Centered Foundation”

Life Changers Academy

Parents: As you all are making decisions of where to send your children this next school year, and the year after that, and so on … research and learn the facts for yourself. Yes, there is a lot going on in education. No, there are no perfect schools, or districts, or teachers for that matter. Just like there aren’t any perfect children or just people period. Use your resources. Talk to your educator friends – not the bitter and miserable ones who don’t see the hope in ANYthing. Watch them closely. Their LIVES are miserable. Talk to those who recognize the need and own UP to the challenges. Those who are working withIN the system to change it for the better (Freddie Brooks, A Different World, 1993). Attend town hall meetings. Attend PARENT meetings. VOTE. Make your requests and concerns known. There are a lot of laws that are federal in nature that your state and city/county have no control over. The same at the state level that the districts/cities/counties have no control over.

Of course, we will all do what is best for our children. Be sure it is because it is best for the CHILD and not because you don’t like one rule, one teacher, two kids in another class, the lunch menu on Thursdays, etc. There is SO much that happens behind the scenes that all stakeholders have the right to know, but, just doesn’t for whatever reason. It’s public domain … it really is. You’d be surprised the JEWELS in a lot of the schools in your city, but, because of hearsay or stereotypes, you’ll never know that that one teacher (jewel) or principal (another jewel) had the background, skills, fortitude, compassion, and just that right connection needed to reach YOUR child.

This comes from a personal and professional place. I’m not sure why I went here. LOL. I just started typing. I love both of my children’s schools and I’ve had [minimal] challenges with both. But they both work best for my two. I work what I know and have to make sure they get what they need to be successful – challenges and all. Challenges are normal and are signs of growth and/or change and development. WE make the rest happen.

Love, Lucy – A Teacher Mommy

boys symposium


This is an AWESOME event for our youth and young adult males.  PLEASE register your students, family members, church members, community kids, all boys ages 12-22 who you know!!!  

SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 2014 / 8 AM – 4 pm



If there are at least 10 boys or more at any location, transportation will be provided!  

Large groups, please text 901-289-7785 to register with name, address, phone and age.   Individual young men can register online at or email information to

Breakfast and lunch provided!




This is a Municipal Districts Shared Services position that assists the Purchasing Supervisor with the accurate accounting of materials and assets received and distributed through the purchasing warehouse.

Major responsibilities:

  • Serves as a receptionist, greets visitors courteously and directs them to the appropriate person
  • Answers incoming calls and responds appropriately to requests for information
  • Enters stock to be received on
  • Enters requisitions on
  • Posts school charges on
  • Processes purchase orders and distributes to appropriate departments
  • Prepares bids for mailing
  • Contacts vendors for updated information in order to maintain vendor files
  • Maintains correspondence, requisitions and other related documents and files according to the system used in the warehouse operation.


High School Diploma or equivalent and at least three (3) years of successful clerical experience, working knowledge of the APECS purchasing system.

Special Requirements

Proficient use of microcomputers to include word-processing, spreadsheet and data base applications, knowledge of basic office procedures and equipment, strong interpersonal skills with the ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work at all levels.

Miscellaneous Information

This position requires a valid driver’s license and working knowledge of office equipment and software. Work will occur in a non-smoking environment. EOE.


Status Open
Category Clerical / Secretarial
Job ID
Salary Starting Salary is $40,000 per year with full benefits including retirement, social security, health, dental, vision and life insurance.


Apply here!


This is a Municipal Shared Services position that reports to the Superintendent of Bartlett City Schools and is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the system-wide electronic network connectivity throughout the municipal districts- Shared Services.

Major responsibilities:

  • Administers the municipal school districts  LAN/WAN to include routine monitoring, troubleshooting problems and implementing solutions
  • Implements and maintains a central email server for district running on an environment server
  • Implements and maintains a DNS server for district running on an environment server
  • Implements and maintains a central news server for district running on an environment server
  • Provides support for software for the various departments
  • Implements and administer a Windows server/workstation LAN/WAN for Maintenance Department with additional remote site printing capabilities
  • Assists in administering the municipal central office networks and providing user support to the municipal shared service districts
  • Coordinates data transfer between core systems and network user
  • Monitors network availability, connectivity and performance; troubleshoots and resolves problems with network/telecom hardware and software; communicates with and coordinates maintenance and repair work with vendors and service contractors


BS Degree in Management Information Systems or equivalent and prior successful employment experience with PCs and LANs.

Special Requirements

Extensive knowledge of Windows and Mac administration, UNIX experience a plus, extensive knowledge of Server Software Windows/LINUX, extensive knowledge with LANs, WANs, routers, bridges and other network hardware and software, strong working knowledge of Windows and Mac OS.

Miscellaneous Information

This position requires a valid driver’s license and working knowledge of office equipment and software. Work will occur in a non-smoking environment. EOE

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