FREE NAMI BASICS Workshops for Parents/Caregivers of Children and Teens with:

ADD/ADHD , PTSD, RAD, OCD, ODD, Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s, Autism, Schizophrenia


A program of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness

These 6 week workshops have valuable information to help parents support children & teens with behavioral differences, while maintaining their own well-being.  The course is taught by a team of trained NAMI family members who know what it’s like to have a child struggling with one of these brain disorders.  Topics covered will be the ‘no fault’ approach, getting an accurate diagnosis, overview of treatment options, the impact on family, communication, crisis management, systems involved with your child, record keeping, advocating & team building for you & your child.


Meets for 6 sessions FREE OF COST

Designed for parents and other family caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illness.

Taught by a team of trained teachers who are family caregivers of individuals who developed symptoms of mental illness as children.

Provides critical information and strategies related to care-giving.

Incorporates presentations, discussion and interactive exercises.


Why You Should Attend:


A toolkit of information

Up-to-date information on a range of mental illnesses and their impact on the brain.

Current research on treatments including evidence-based therapies, medications and side effects.

Preparation for interactions with the mental health care system, school system and juvenile justice system.

Training in preparedness and emotional resiliency

Skills related to managing crises, solving problems and communicating effectively.

Strategies for self-care and for navigating the challenges presented by mental illness for each family member.

Empowerment as an effective advocate for your child.

Confidence and stamina for life-long understanding and support.

A community

Perhaps most importantly, as a participant you can gain comfort in knowing you are not alone. Recovery is a journey and there is hope for all families and individuals dealing with a brain disorder. The in-person group experience of NAMI Basics provides the opportunity for mutual support and positive impact. You can experience compassion and reinforcement from people who relate to your experiences. Through your participation, you have the opportunity to help others grow.


Please contact Marcus Boyd at 901-725-0305 or email at to register as space is limited. Class to start October 8th , 2019


Veronique Black

NAMI Memphis

901-725-0305 phone

901-725-0306 fax

3729 S. Hickory Ridge Mall

Suite #480

Memphis, TN 38115


You or someone you love has a mental illness. That’s why there’s NAMI

Chaisson Creative Consulting Choices program will begin on December 9 -12, 2013.  This is a comprehensive 4-day workshop for adolescents ages 13-18 who are dealing with addiction issues.

Time: 6:30 -7:30 nightly

When: December 9-12

Where: Chaisson Creative Consulting Inc.

2934 Ridgeway Ste. 101 **** Memphis, TN. *****38115


Cost: $30.00

Deadline for enrollment is December 5, 2013 as seats are limited to 30 adolescents!

This group is for adolescent males and females who have experienced alcohol & drug usage. Each member will receive a curriculum and a certificate of completion.

Adolescent Addiction starts early and peaks during the teen years.  This increased risk is partly due to adolescent’s heightened sensitivity to social influences (friends) and their still developing brain, particularly areas critical to judgment and impulse control.

Michelle Chaisson, Director of Children & Family Services
 Chaisson Creative Consulting, Inc.
     2934 Ridgeway Ste. 101
       Memphis, TN. 38115




MEMPHIS, TN — On July 20, 2012, Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region is offering the highly praised “Positive Encounters” healthy sexuality workshop for professionals who work with teens.

The one-day workshop is specifically designed for counselors, nurses, teachers, social workers, church youth leaders and others who work one-on-one with teenagers. It provides professionals with an update on the latest trends in adolescent sexual behavior and training to help them promote sexual responsibility and health among their teenaged clients.

Anyone who works with teens will find this training both informative and useful, imparting the information and skills needed to respond to young people’s questions about sexual risk-taking in age-appropriate ways. Those who work in the STD or HIV prevention or teen pregnancy prevention fields are especially encouraged to attend.

What: “Positive Encounters” training for professionals who work with teens

When: July 10th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration deadline is July 3rd.

Where: Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region, 2430 Poplar Avenue

Cost: $100 per participant (includes materials, lunch and technical assistance)

To register for the workshop, print and fill out form linked here (and attached to this email). Fax to Elokin CaPece at (901) 274-1660. Registration and payment must be received by Tuesday, July 3, 2012. For more information, call (901) 725-3033 or email