Floral + Event Design Master Class

Wells Design Co. will host its much anticipated floral + event design masterclass May 2-3, 2022 in Memphis, TN. The intimate hands-on experience is a two-day intensive experience that will provide knowledge on how to create floral installations and a cohesive table designs.

The Wells Factor: Floral + Event Design Masterclass is an experience created to educate industry professionals on how to design a jaw-dropping and thriving events.

You will spend two full days under the leadership of the extreme talented TyRon Wells, along with other top-notch industry creatives and together will discuss numerous topics that will help elevate business and your creativity.  You will learn the skills to create intriguing events, as well as network with others in the same events industry. Be prepared for two days packed with exciting learning experiences to take your blooming business to the next level! Click here to sign up, TODAY!

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