Regina’s Cajun Kitchen is Hiring! Open Interviews, TODAY! 09-28-17 #jobs #foodservice #Memphis #choose901

Reginas Cajun Kitchen is hiring! Open interviews today (09/28/17), from 10 am until 5 pm. 60 N. Main St. All restaurant crew positions.

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    I spoke to someone earlier today(tues. 9-11-18)at the main street location,regarding dishwashers position. I would like to apply,but could not access the appropriate page. I have 2 years, past dishroom experience in hospital food service,as well as military kitchen experience. I’m 55 years old ,and though I’ve been out of the job market a few years,I know I can be an asset.I’m hard working and detail oriented. Please contact me at 901-440-8326.

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