1. Cassandra Ruffin says:

    Hello, I read and possibly overlooked the requirements for the JUGS program as far as ages or grades that can apply for the scholarship. Can you provide that information?

    Thanks Cassandra S. Ruffin Parent Educator

    On Feb 9, 2017 1:07 PM, “Lucy’s Information Station Blog” wrote:

    > Tecia “Lucy” Marshall posted: “JUGS Scholarship Information Memphis > Chapter Justice, Unity, Generosity, Service, International MEMORIAL > SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Deadline March 10, 2017 > jugs-2017-scholarship-applica jugscounslerletter2017 > jugs-scholarship-info-2017” >

    1. Hi there! There are three attachments listed in the blog post. They are there. Not very much. 😉

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