20th Century Fox Partners w/@BlackGirlsCode to Host #Free Screenings of #HiddenFigures #memtech #BGCMem @volunteerbgcmem

In case you haven’t seen it yet …

20th Century Fox is partnering with Black Girls Code to host FREE screenings to Hidden Figures this January in ALL of our 11 chapter cities! MEMPHIS – Saturday, January 21st – 9:30 am at Malco Paradiso Cinema.

REGISTER ASAP! Attendees in each city will be granted tickets on a first come basis. Each attendee will be awarded a pair of tickets, and the first 15 guests will receive a Hidden Figures promotional package!

Space is limited so sign up soon to secure your spot! Refreshments will not be provided.

Open to our entire community, but, designated block of tickets/seats reserved for students!

See you then!



  1. Shinault, Earnest says:

    Please add this information to your blog.

    Earnest Shinault
    Librarian I
    Cornelia Crenshaw Library
    531 Vance

    1. Hello! Please subscribe to the blog by adding your email on the home page. I can’t add you from this end.

  2. Shinault, Earnest says:

    Please pass this information along to the people who can us it.

    Earnest Shinault Librarian I – Cornelia Crenshaw Library

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