Brown Fellows Program for Seniors @ Centre College – Deadline 01/15/17

Brown Fellows Program

Deadline January 15, 2017

Brown Fellows are awarded “full-ride-plus” scholarships and are provided four summer enrichment experiences, beginning the summer before their first year at Centre. Summer enrichment experiences in subsequent years will be organized around themes of service, research, international study, and leadership.

The scholarship and enrichment program includes:

  • Full tuition
  • Room and board
  • Summer enrichment programs, which allow students to focus on their areas of interest
  • On-campus program mentors
  • Field-based experimental learning opportunities
  • Customized Leadership Projects that span the student’s collegiate career


Competition for the Brown Fellows Program is strong. Competitive applicants should demonstrate:

  • Academic success at the highest level
  • Intellectual curiosity and ambition
  • Concern for their community and the world
  • The social and leadership skills to accomplish their goals

Finalists typically have the following academic credentials:

  • The most difficult curriculum available at their respective high schools
  • Average unweighted academic GPA of 3.95
  • ACT scores ranged from 32 to 35
  • SAT critical reading and math scores ranged from 1360 to 1560
  • Graduated at or very near the top of their high school class.

How to Apply

1) Apply for admission by January 15.

2) Request a nomination from a school counselor, core course teacher, community-based organization liaison, or independent college counselor who can attest to your qualifications using our Scholarship Nomination Form .  Preferred deadline for nominations is January 1, but will accept nominations through January 15.

3) Students nominated for the program will automatically receive an invitation (via letter and email) to complete the separate Brown Fellows application form. The separate application is due by February 6.

The selection committee will invite approximately thirty finalists to campus for a selection weekend at the end of March, and will announce ten winners in April.

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