C.L. Ratliff Scholarship for High School Seniors


C.L. Ratliff Scholarship

The 2016 application is now available online!  

Bishop C.L. Ratliff invested her entire life to the work of the ministry. Determined to see others free from spiritual and natural bondages, she tirelessly gave of herself and her finances. Bishop C. L. Ratliff believed that along with a spiritual foundation, education was vital for a person to attain success in life. So that many could attend college, she personally paid their tuition and then made sure that they had transportation to and from school. Bishop Clithiel Ratliff dedicated her life to loving and helping people; and because of this, her legacy will always be remembered. The C.L. Ratliff Scholarship was first awarded in 1995 to three recipients.  For 2015, we celebrated our 20th anniversary and have awarded almost 100 scholarships within that time period.  

The C. L. Ratliff Scholarship Foundation will grant scholarships to selected graduating seniors living in the mid-South area who have been accepted to a college, university or vocational/technical school where the students will enroll for the fall of 2016. The scholarships are competitive and vary in amounts up to $700.  In order to be considered for the C. L. Ratliff Scholarship, both the character references and application form must be completed.  The character references must be completed by midnight, April 8, 2016, and the application form must be completed by midnight April 15, 2016


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