Beauty Behind Bars Memphis (A Conference for the Women & Girls of Memphis)

On Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 9:00 am– 2:00 pm at the Andy B’s Entertainment Center, located at 6276 Stage Road, Memphis, TN 38134:  Once in a Wifetime is hosting Beauty Behind Bars Memphis.  Beauty Behind Bars helps women/girls break away from mental incarceration & self imprisonment of low self-esteem, doubt, depression, suicide, dream killing, domestic violence, and human trafficking.  The conference teaches accountability, how to pick up the pieces and press forward, how to accomplish dreams/goals, saying goodbye to negativity or bad relationships, and the importance of loving self from the inside out.  
beauty behind bars
Tennessee was recently named as a state with an increase in domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, and quickly climbing the top 5 statistics in human trafficking.  Due to these alarming and increasing statistics in the state of Tennessee we are hosting this conference to teach innovative methods of the importance of getting help, and how to identify when you are mentally incarcerated, self-imprisoned, or in unhealthy/negative situations.
There are thousands of women/girls who need to hear and be a part of this life changing conference which will include 8 dynamic speakers. The conference is FREE for women and girls of all ages.  We are asking if you and your church would attend and be a part of this life changing event with us.  We know that your presence and participation can help us save a women’s/girl’s life.  If you or your women’s ministry/girls youth group cannot attend, please share this info with someone who would benefit from this conference.  Please visit our website and watch our info-commercial by clicking on this link   You may also read the article from our Beauty Behind Bars Nashville Tour, which made the front page of the Tennessean Newspaper by clicking on this link  I have attached a flyer of the Memphis event to this email.  We look forward to your reply to this email and hearing back from you soon!
Tiffany Love, President
Office:  615-417-7717

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