Job Posting – Family Safety Center: Navigator / Application deadline: May 15, 2015

The Family Safety Center of Memphis and Shelby County, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Memphis, TN, whose purpose is to effectively combine civil, criminal, health and social services in order to help victims of family violence. We are seeking a Navigator who is highly motivated to assist clients and process their individualized needs through the various services provided with partner agencies. This position will report to the Director of Client Services and will be an integral part of the growth of the organization. This is a grant funded position.

Job Title: Navigator

Reports To: Director of Client Services

Positions Supervised: None

Status: Permanent Full-Time FLSA: Exempt

Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday – Friday  Other as required

Job Summary: Assists clients in accessing services from on-site partners that accommodate the individual needs of the client.

Performs intake procedures to efficiently and effectively process clients through the organization. Provides consultation, case management and information, completes administrative records, performs client follow-up, assists with and participates in professional development activities and client community outreach.


Provides welcome and trauma-informed assessments, referral and follow-up.

 Welcomes clients and their families, assuring that the delivery of service is client centered and seamless.

 Works with volunteers to provide light refreshments and rest during the delivery of service.

 Assure that children receive child care while the client is receiving services.

 Coordinates schedules for appointments with partner agencies and clients; assists with follow-up for missed appointments.

 Provides and secures information from partner agencies based on client needs.

 Assists partners with client information and makes referrals to community agencies when appropriate.

 Assists clients with completing application for social service assistance, i.e., rent, utility, medication, clothing, transportation and victim’s compensation.

Provides consultation and case management.

 Consults with appropriate staff and partner agencies regarding client needs and problems.

 Completes the Danger Assessment and Safety Planning intake.

 Assists in consultation and education services to other agencies and organizations.

Completes all administrative records pertaining to clients and caseload assignments.

 Establishes and maintains client records and complies with all requirements related to documentation of services rendered.

 Completes clients statistical documentation/reports by established deadlines.

 Prepares and submits proper summaries and reports to other agencies and professionals promptly and in accordance with confidentiality protocols.

Assists with and participates in professional development activities and client and community outreach.

 Assists with the organization, preparation and provision of professional development activities for the organization and other professionals.

 Assists with the development and delivery of programs and activities promoting client outreach. Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills and Abilities

 Working knowledge of domestic violence dynamics and its impact on children and families.

 Ability to communicate with a wide range of children and families from different cultural backgrounds.

 Knowledge of community resources.

 Working knowledge of alcohol and drug abuse and its impact on children and families.

 Demonstrated computer experience with word processing or varied software required.

Education and Experience

 Undergraduate degree in social work or similar discipline from an accredited program with at least two years direct client contact; or an associate degree with life experience and at least two years of client contact.

 Two years experience in providing direct service to domestic violence victims.

Family Safety Center Mission

Our mission is to provide one location that effectively combines civil, criminal, health and social services for victims of family violence.

Family Safety Center Vision

Our vision is a thriving community that embodies a spirit of compassion, collaboration and progressive change that values mutual respect, safety and serenity for all residents.

Family Safety Center Values

Honesty and Openness Flexibility

Quality Teamwork

Respect and Fairness Dedication

Diversity and Equality

Interested applicants: Please send cover letter and resume with salary history to:

Application deadline: May 15, 2015

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