Trolley Conductor Opening – MATA – #Memphis

Interested applicants may apply in person at either the William Hudson Transit Center (North End Terminal) or at the American Way Transit Center, or they may apply on-line at

Job Title: Trolley Conductor

Hourly Wage: $9.00 hr. during training, $16.82 after completion of 6-8 weeks of training


Applicants must be at 21 years old and have at least Class A or B (“P” endorsement) Commercial

Driver’s License/ Permit to begin training. “Must obtain license prior to ending of training”.


To provide safe, efficient and on-time delivery of passengers by means of public transportation.


Essential Functions:

 Drive a trolley vehicle in a safe, courteous, and reliable manner along a designated route within a defined time schedule.

 Must be trained and qualified in all phases of the detailed operations of a trolley vehicle.

 Must be trained and knowledgeable of the tracks and overhead wiring system. When reaching the end of the trolley line, the Trolley Conductor must be physically able to engage and disengage the electrical poles to the overhead lines providing power to the vehicle.

 Must be knowledgeable of operations including track switching.

 Engage and disengage sand dispensing equipment for trolley operation.

 Operate and communicate over the two-way radio system as regulated by the FCC. Notify central dispatch of deviations, overload, accidents, or passenger incidents.

 Notify central dispatch of passengers’ medical or behavioral problems and trolley mechanical or electrical trouble.

 Direct and assist passengers in a safe and orderly fashion in loading and unloading passengers of a trolley vehicle.

 Provide assistance to people with disabilities and the elderly as required including operating platform wheelchair lifts.

 Responsible for the collection of appropriate fares. Distribute and collect transfers, tickets and coupons.

 Advise passengers of rules and regulations when necessary.

 Complete and submits written reports concerning passenger incidents, preventable and non-preventable accidents.

 Must be trained and knowledgeable in emergency procedures including evacuation of passengers, derailment, etc.

Time: 4:00 pm

Other Job Functions:

 Assume additional responsibilities as required.

 Provide tourism and points of interest to general riding public.


Education/Experience – High school diploma or GED required with the ability to read, write, and speak English; perform basic mathematical procedures. Must possess a valid driver’s license and had no suspensions or revocations during the last five years; must have the ability to secure and maintain a Class A/B (“P” endorsement) Commercial Driver’s License. Must successfully pass a written test and be able to write legibly in the preparation of trouble cards, accident reports, etc. Ability to communicate effectively with the public required.

Mental Effort – Must be able to comprehend written and oral directions, bulletins, routes, fares, etc.

Physical – Extensive periods of sitting and standing are required. Requires ability to withstand exposure to negative surroundings such as uncomfortable weather conditions, dust, engine fumes, toxic chemicals and extreme noise levels. Trolley vehicles are open-air, and no air conditioning exists.

Exposure to high voltage is present. Requires the ability to perform hand-over-hand method of steering vehicles and the ability to grip a steering wheel; flexibility of arms is required to safely maneuver the trolley. May be required to lift or push 15 lbs and to reach overhead.

Audible/Visual Demands – Requires ability to hear directions given; visually perform essential functions for satisfactory job performance such as driving a vehicle.

Miscellaneous – Must be willing to work shift hours and days as assigned. Must possess a regulation watch; adhere to Conductor’s dress code and any other requirements relative to job performance.

APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED Monday – Friday BETWEEN 9:00 am – 4:00 pm:

American Way Transit Center William Hudson Transit Center

3921 American Way 444 North Main at Auction


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