PROMISE Development Corporation – Program Director Opening

PROMISE Development Corporation – Program Director Opening

Job Title: Program Director

Program: Permanent Supportive Housing Program

Reports To: Executive Director

Supervisory Responsibilities: Housing Advocates & Housing Coordinator

Position Type: Full Time

Summary:  Under the direction of the Executive Director (or designee) is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the Permanent Supportive Housing Program and staff.


1. Oversees program development, implementation, coordination and evaluation.

2. Develops and maintains policy and procedures for the program.

3. Oversees the daily operations of the program.

4. Ensures all appropriate documentation, scheduling, staffing and purchasing are completed accurately and timely.

5. Provides regular supervision to Housing Program staff.

6. Monitors and evaluates staff performance.

7. Ensures that the development and implementation of services plans are consistent with program goals and of maximum benefits to tenants

8. Conducts staff meetings with the team or with each staff member as needed.

9. Orients new staff to program mission, goals, policies and procedures.

10. Identify problems related to resources and personnel management.

11. Conducts and monitors the referral, applications and screening process of all program participants.

12. Coordinates social services with property management services.

13. Develops and maintains positive community relationships.

14. Oversees the production of internal and external reports and ensures compliance with funding requirements.

15. Attends all meetings, training or other activities designated by the supervisor and completes all appropriate accompanying paperwork.

16. Investigates and responds to incidents.

17. Completes all other duties required.

Qualifications: Masters of Social Work degree or equivalent. Three years of related experience. Other combinations of education and experience, if evaluated as equivalent, may qualify an applicant for consideration.

Please submit all entry to subject line (Program Director).

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