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Black Power Mixtape Documentary @ Brooks Museum, Thursday, March 5, 7:00pm

Brooks Museum, 1934 Poplar Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Through a mosaic of images, music and narration chronicling the evolution one of our nation’s most indelible turning points, the Black Power movement, Olsson and co-producer Danny Glover bring this footage of the Black Power Movement to light – including Stokely Carmichael, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, and Angela Davis – at the height of their influence. Music by Questlove and Om’Mas Keith, and commentary from prominent African- American artists and activists who were influenced by the struggle, including Erykah Badu, Harry Belafonte, Talib Kweli, and Melvin Van Peebles, give the historical footage a fresh, contemporary resonance and makes the film an exhilarating, unprecedented account of an American revolution.  $5.00 ADMISSION



Black Theatre Museum, Friday, March 6, 4:30pm-7:00pm

Davis Center, 1036 Firestone Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 38107

Join MULYP for an evening tour of the Black Theatre Museum – not because it’s a Hattiloo Theatre installation, but because there may be some content within it that propels your artistic journey forward. To see what’s been accomplished under circumstances such as segregation, lynching, enslavement – to see that scholars like WEB Dubois, who founded the Krigwa Players, acknowledged the power of Black theatre – to confront such historical facts may possibly have you confront your own possibilities and realize the opportunities, indeed, the tools that are available to you as an artist. Many hours and dollars went into the creation of these four exhibits. Free and Open to the Public.

Getting Involved as YPs in the City Panel Discussion, Thursday, March 12, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Downtown Memphis Commission, 114 N Main St, Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Learn how you can give back and get involved in the Memphis Heritage Trail and Crosstown Redevelopment projects. Enjoy wine & appetizers immediately afterwards.

Featured Panelists:

Jimmie Tucker, Self Tucker Architects

Gala Burks, Crosstown Redevelopment Project

Cynthia Daniels, Memphis Urban League

Getting Involved Panel Discussion


Dreams Are Delayed Realities Vision Board Party, Saturday, March 14, 7:00pm

Qbhome Paint & Sip Studio, 206 E Ge Patterson Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 38103

92% of YPs have already fallen off from their New Year’s Resolutions. What do you want in your life? What images represent your dreams? What words inspire you to move forward? Capture them with a vision board. Make the connection to turn your dreams into reality! Unlimited Wine & Light Refreshments Will Be Served. RVSP Required: ppdchair@mulyp.org


Vision Board Party


Little White Lie Documentary @ Brooks Museum, March 19, 7:00pm

Brooks Museum, 1934 Poplar Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Little White Lie is a personal documentary about the legacy of family secrets, denial, and redemption.

 Synopsis: Little White Lie tells Lacey Schwartz’s story of growing up in a typical upper-middle-class Jewish household in Woodstock, NY, with loving parents and a strong sense of her Jewish identity — despite the open questions from those around her about how a white girl could have such dark skin. She believes her family’s explanation that her looks were inherited from her dark-skinned Sicilian grandfather. But when her parents abruptly split, her gut starts to tell her something different. $5.00 ADMISSION


MULYP Night Out @ Hattiloo: King Hedley II, Friday, March 20, 7:30pm

Hattiloo Theater, 37 S Cooper St, Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Get the best of homegrown artistry during a night out at Hattiloo Repertory Theater. YPs will pack the house for King Hedley, starring Ekundayo Bandele. Limited Tickets Available: https://mulypnight.eventbrite.com

It is 1985. Ronald Reagan is in the White House and the nation is in the midst of an economic expansion. You’d never know it in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Here, as in many of America’s inner cities, life is hard. Unemployment is on the rise; drugs, gangs and violence fill the streets. This is the world of King Hedley II. At 36 years old, this ex-convict is at war with his past, his present and the uncertain future. He is scarred, grieving, raging and determined to find dignity and bring something good and new out of his aching world. He plants seeds in the dirt of his tenement backyard, feeds his dream of owning his own business by any means necessary, and fights for the life of his unborn child. King is a man reaching for success, colliding with the limitations of the world around him and those within himself.

King Hedley II



Ethnic Spending Builds Communities Panel Discussion, Tuesday, March 24, 6:00pm

Memphis Urban League, 413 N. Cleveland, Memphis, TN 38104

Join MULYP for a panel discussion on Neighborhood Money and supporting minority businesses. African-Americans Have $1.1 Trillion in Buying Power, But Are We Putting Our Money to Good Use? Mixer to follow with wine and appetizers.


 Featured Panelists:

•Naser Fazlullah, Entrepreneur

•Jim Davila, Owner, Rumba Room

•Corey P. Smith, Author, Conspiracy of Credit

•Jonathan Frisch, Board President, Temple Israel

•Cheryl Hurst,  Assistant Vice President Retail Sales Manager, Tri-State Bank

•Joyce Cox, Manager Neighborhood Redevelopment, City of Memphis

Neighborhood Money Panel Discussion



Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest Documentary, March 26, 7:00pm

Brooks Museum, 1934 Poplar Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Directed by actor Michael Rapaport, it tells the rise, fall and rise again, of one of the most influential hip hop groups of all time: A Tribe Called Quest. Infused with their music, behind the scenes footage and deeply personal and revealing interviews, Rapaport has crafted both a love letter to Tribe while also telling the simple story of what success does to friendship. $5.00 ADMISSION

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