Raleigh Community Church of Christ Child Care Giver Job Posting

Child Care Giver

Christian, loving, nurturing child care worker needed as soon as possible to join childcare service team. Primarily responsible will be supervising children as they receive instruction, play and ensuring their safety. Hours will vary. One must be available to work different shifts as staff need may vary. One must have good communication skills, good basic intuitive care abilities for the “whole” child and their healthy developmental needs, as well as light facility cleaning duties. One must be physically available to engage and guide children’s learning through hands-on explorative play participation.

Full-time and Part-Time Positions—Must be 18, high school diploma, Qualities needed: Faithful Christian, Loves Children, Pleasant Attitude, Team Player, Does not need supervision, Honest.

Apply as Follows:

Email a resume to Raleigh Community detailing paid child care experience at dmitchell@coctv.org.

Applicants will be required by the Department of Human Services to have a criminal background check, physical, and drug screen before they can be hired, No Exceptions.

Raleigh Community Church of Christ

Attention: Dwiglette Mitchell

4748 New Allen Road / Memphis, TN 38128

901-385-9858 Office / 901-385-9997 Fax

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