National Black MBA – Memphis – Special Event: “The Future State of Business” – 2/7/15

National Black MBA – Memphis – Special Event: “The Future State of Business” – 2/7/15

“The Future State of Business”

What does it mean to live, work, think, believe, manage and lead, innovate and create in the world of the future—a world very different from the one we live in today?

We cordially invite you to come and gain insight from Dr. Nat Irvin on what the future state of business, leadership, and productivity may encompass.

Dr Irvin will lead an interactive experience including (Q & A) designed to provide participants with a provocative look at the world of 2035 and how some of today’s intriguing social, political, economic, technological and environmental trends are dramatically changing the future—right before our eyes.




DATE:  February 05, 2015
TIME:  06:00pm to 7:15pm
PLACE:  International Paper HQ, Tower 3, 1st Floor (
6400 Poplar Ave 38197)

Light refreshments will be served. Parking available in the garage area



About the Speaker….

Nat Irvin,II is the Strickler executive in residence and professor of management at the College of Business at the University of Louisville.  His groundbreaking demographic research has created new paradigms for the future of African Americans in business.

Among the profiles of emerging archetypes he has identified are “thrivals,” a new breed of forward-thinking, globally tuned African Americans who bring a “no-limits” approach to doing business. Advertisers and other media use Irvin’s findings to identify new demographic groups and target them with customized messages and opportunities.

At the College of Business, Irvin teaches change management, leadership and future studies.

In 1996, he founded Future Focus 2020, a non-profit think tank dedicated to examining the impact of upcoming, permanent changes in business, social and economic cultures.The organization continues to bring futurist thinking to urban America and minority communities.

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