GiVE 365 #Grant Application due February 10, 2015

GiVE 365 grant application due February 10, 2015

The 2015 grant theme is And now for something completely different: Small grants to support new projects or programs that add value to the community and have a likelihood of success. Click here to view eligibility and apply.

Have you been trying to get a new project off the ground? Does your organization have a new idea that you haven’t tried before? This cycle, GiVE 365 members will be looking for projects that require some start-up funding, but could make an important difference to the community.

Projects should advance the mission of your organization and have a plan for sustained funding (if necessary) past the initial start-up.  Pilot projects that have been on the back-burner for lack of funds or new ideas that haven’t been tried at all, will have a chance to receive funding. Requests to expand existing projects are not eligible. Grants to advance the planning of a new project which may not be implemented within the grant period of one year will be considered.

Projects can be physical in nature (small-scale construction projects), event-based (to support a festival, performance, community meeting, etc.), or simply to get a program started or enact a pilot. However, the members will be looking for projects that have not been tried (at least in your organization), but that have a likelihood of success. Nonprofits have an opportunity to step outside the box and find funding to try something completely different to improve our community.



Ashley Harper  |  Director of Grants & Initiatives
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
1900 Union Avenue  |  Memphis, TN 38104
t  (901) 722-0022  |  f  (901) 722-0010
Visit us at

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