Substance Abuse Outreach Program Training Session (FREE)

TSPN’s Substance Abuse Outreach Program is offering a suicide prevention training opportunity for substance abuse treatment workers and anti-drug coalition members in the Memphis area.


“Addressing Suicidal Ideation and Behavior in Substance Abuse Treatment” will be held from 2-4 PM on Wednesday, February 17, at the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, located at 1900 Union Avenue in Memphis, ZIP 38104.
There is no cost for this training and all materials are provided by TSPN. This project is funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee. The material to be presented is aimed primarily at substance abuse prevention and treatment staff, i.e. counselors, educators, support staff, administrators and supervisors. However, it is open to the general public. It offers a customized version of the evidence-based “Question, Persuade, Refer” (QPR) suicide prevention protocol that takes approximately two hours. The training

  • enhances each participants’ awareness of their values, attitude and beliefs regarding suicide,
  • provides general suicide awareness information,
  • illuminates the connection between substance abuse and suicide,
  • presents the risk and protective factors and warning signs of suicide, and
  • offers a non-confrontational but effective means for engaging actively suicidal persons.

Only 60 seats will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will need to sign up individually through Eventbrite ( so you will receive a certificate of attendance.


We look forward to seeing you at our training session and would appreciate your spreading the word to your professional and personal contacts.

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