Warrior Princesses Mentoring Group for Girls at Bickford Community Center

Looking for a positive mentoring group for girls ages 9-12?
Come and join us at:
10:30 am – noon  (1st and 3rd Saturdays)
Bickford Community Center -233 Henry Ave. 38107

Warrior Princesses is a mentoring program, geared toward girls growing up in an urban, and frequently disadvantaged, environment. Our girls learn skills that are relevant to their actual life experiences. Some sample sessions include, safety skills (both for inside the home and outside the home), cooking lessons, self defense classes, jewelry making, and more! Warrior Princesses also learn practical knowledge like how to read nutrition labels on food, as well as taking field trips to various educational venues throughout the city.

We are now accepting girls for the 2014-2015 sessions!

Please contact Brenda Lampela at 901.496.5516 or Brenda@oasis-of-hope.com to register. Visit http://www.oasis-of-hope.com for more information.