Comprehensive Grant Writing Workshop
This workshop will bring together professionals in the field of grants, including grantees, grantors, and so many other professionals who focus on helping people and agencies in need of more funding to do something positive, greater projects, capacity building, networking/partnership building, and those who are beginning a new non-profit organization. 
You will experience a high-energy training that will be full of amazing tools, real-life applicable examples, and experiences that will make you a strong grant writer.  You should NOT have to pay thousands of dollars to “grant writers” who can’t the get job done, who can’t guarantee their work, and who disappoint you.  Most seminars of this magnitude average $1,500 across the country, but not for you.  The cost of this seminar is only $100/per person for non-ABOH members, and $75.00/per person for ABOH certified members/volunteers.  At the conclusion of the Comprehensive Grant Writing Workshop you will be able to write grants yourself, and save the dollars you would spend on the purchase of a grant writer to go toward funding your passion. You will also find that you are well prepared and equipped to submit your grant for approval. We look forward to seeing you there!
Course Objectives:
  • Getting Your Organization Started – Laying the Groundwork
  • How to develop a strategic plan, statement of need using data research
  • Coalitions, Partnerships, and Networking
  • Data & Research
  • How to apply for your 501c3
  • How to gather the right team for the grant process
  • Planning
  • The Grant Process
  • Common problems in grant writing
  • Writing tips
  • Sources and finding grant funds
Space is limited so, pre-registration is required.
Refreshments will be provided.
A Bridge of Hope
P.O. Box 3960
Cordova, TN  38088